John Fox

A poet, painter and maker with enormous creative energy.
A phone call to him is like a bumpy magic-carpet ride; the ideas and images are torrential.  Adrian Mitchell

Sue Gill

An author, secular celebrant for funerals, weddings and naming ceremonies,
photographer, celebratory cook, street band saxophonist and caller for barn dances.

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Foxy's Songbook

The book features over 50 melodies and scores by eight gifted composers

Foxy’s Song Book is a manual for individuals and groups to sing from. It contains 51 songs with lyrics by John Fox and his drawings, mainly light-hearted. Designed for the piano with clear and simple arrangements for every song, a few for choirs.



In All My Born Days

Ancestral memories, traveller’s tales, fieldwork, family life, feasting and ceremony – all have their place in this eclectic collection of stories. Taken together they create a vivid picture of an industrious and contented life, a portrait of a woman who values the extraordinary in the everyday, who loves and celebrates her family and friends and her own very particular place in the world.