Fourth Commission: WIND August-October 2015
16th August 2017
Second Commission: STONE 5th – 27th September 2014
16th August 2017

Third Commission: WATER 22nd – 28th April 2015

Peter Wilshaw, inventor with a civil engineering background, created a temporary waterfall installation on the shore below the Beach House to enhance the seasonal fresh water run-off from the land above. He was assisted by Richard Redwin, Martin Gooding and Daniel Higgs from Stoke on Trent. Wire gabions hold cobbles from the beach to secure the centre of the construction. Small cups fill with water and drive the wheel at the top to start the flow.

Waterfall installation enhanced by Jamie Proud and Dan Fox

The pivoting bamboo tube - shishi-odoshi in Japanese - fills with water and when it is full, tilts to release it. In Japan they were installed so that the empty tube clattered against a rock before the whole cycle began again. This was intended to scare away the deer who might eat the vegetation. We preferred to leave it with the gentle sound of flowing water.

Our deer seem pleased.

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