Third Commission: WATER 22nd – 28th April 2015
16th August 2017
First Commission: WOOD 25th – 30th June 2014
16th August 2017

Second Commission: STONE 5th – 27th September 2014

Duncan Copley is considering the concept for Commission 2: STONE. He proposes to explore the orientation of the site with regard to scale, distance and cardinal points. Using weathered timbers emerging from the raised cobbles on the shore he will subtly mark out the suggestion of a massive 40m. long land art 'drawing', a Ghost Ship.

With a Dragon at the prow, a locker for storage, seating for visitors and a jetty alongside. In the spirit of 'build it and they will come' ........ they came, they stayed, they are using it!

We noticed that after these were installed, visitors felt able to occupy the space to pause, rest, picnic ....

This articulation of the site offers new possibilities to artists on our workshops for installation and performance. These fixtures have been used variously as bandstand, performance platform, shadow theatre, seating for coastal walkers and display areas for assorted whirligigs and temporary weathervanes.



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