Ongoing research: WILDERNEST at the BEACH HOUSE
16th August 2017
LEARNING the ROPES a 4 day workshop 18-21 May 2015
18th August 2017

SOUND EXPLORERS Wed 22nd July led by Dan Fox


Field Recording meets Silent Disco on the beach, in the reeds and the woodland.

3 walks 11am, 1pm, 3pm all fully booked - families mainly and some adults curious to enter a world of hidden sounds on land and under water.

Very wet in the morning, which offered additional acoustics from the tree canopy. Fine and sunny in the afternoon as we heard the minnows in the pool, bubbles from the underwater spring of fresh water, and the extraordinary voice of the water rail fussing out beyond the reeds.

Excellent feedback from our participants. Next July we hope to tie in with World Listening Day and have a series of events and gatherings over a few days around the Beach House - hopefully Wilderness Listening Week.

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