STILLPOINT Cork Midsummer Festival June 2017

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16th April 2018
20th April 2018

STILLPOINT Cork Midsummer Festival June 2017


Dead Good Guides were invited by Jools Gilson, Professor of Creative Practice at University College Cork, to  devise STILLPOINT a 4 day workshop for 15 practitioners in Theatre, Music, Dance and Visual Arts - a creative opportunity to connect head, heart and hands in an intense, focussed and playful manner.

STILLPOINT offered distinctive space, free - for a short while - from the economic and political hysteria that surrounds us. The outcome was a showing of work-in-progress at the heritage Bonded Warehouses in the Port of Cork:  a choreographed choir underneath an installation on tall flagpoles of portraits of Cork based women created by photographer Carl Cordonnier.  A procession of wheelbarrows - each containing a miniature garden - led onto  personal storytelling and shadow theatre under the low stone roof, comic intrusions and a meditative salt mandala to end with. 

This international group of participants shared their creative practice in a joyful and trusting gathering. Huge thanks to Jools for hosting us and for her family's fantasic and generous hospitality to Dead Good Guides.


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    Hello Everyone , best wishes from Mayo.

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