The Fishing Hut

20th April 2018
The Rock
10th July 2018

The Fishing Hut

Hannah Fox and John Fox were commissioned by Morecambe Bay Partnerships to respond to its audio archive of 50 hours of interviews with local people involved in fishing in Morecambe Bay. Hannah designed the Fishing Hut - a pop-up gallery [made by Duncan Copley] to appear over the summer of 2018 at coastal events and locations. A veritable box of delights rooted in the Bay's fishing heritage. Visitors are invited to step inside and enjoy a kaleidoscope of Hannah's short animated films 'The Child's Eye View' which explores growing up in a fishing family. John created 20 A5 postcards, offered in sets of 10, each one printed with one of his iPad images on the front, and on the back a different story that inspired the artwork. Fishing Hut is part of Morecambe Bay Partnership's 'Headlands to Headspace Landscape Partnership Scheme'.

From John's 20 images, 6 have been blown up to poster size and are installed at the Beach House, along the lane which leads down to the shore.

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