The Rock

The Fishing Hut
1st July 2018
WILDERNEST OPEN DAY 28 July 2pm – 6.30pm
22nd July 2018

The Rock

Living at the Beach House, above the shoreline of Morecambe Bay, this is our front garden - 310 sq km of emptiness. Tides come in and out twice a day. In periods of extreme hot weather and drought, salt comes up through the bed of the sea. It is clear to witness where it is still damp from the extent of the last tide and where the salt has turned it white as it remains dry below the tidemark.

During the last Ice Age, slow moving glaciers flowed south through the Lake District, carrying large boulders which they dumped once their ice melted. This is how this rock came to be where it is today. We have been visiting The Rock for 18 years - on good days, bad days, for comfort, for celebration, for peace of mind or just for a daily chat. It is an 'erratic' limestone boulder stranded out in The Bay. It has suffered huge erosion due to the effects of salt water twice a day. Several of its brothers and sisters landed to the west where, over the last 500 years, Sea Wood has grown around them, and now they are covered in moss. 



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