Wildernest in Lockdown

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20th November 2018
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30th June 2020

Wildernest in Lockdown

Observation Pod; Duncan Copley plastering detail

In isolation here at the Beach House we were able to work solo - outdoors and in the studio -  making a few additions and refurbishments to the installations down on the beach. 

Duncan Copley was able to complete the Observation Pod he created, by taking advantage of dry sunny weather to cover the sides in adobe plaster, adding decorative detail.

After weeks of perfect summer weather, the Cardoon plants growing at the entrance to Wildernest are more magnificent then ever this year.

We installed three QR codes on site: a link to Dead Good Guides website for visitors to take away, and links to a couple of  YouTube films - The Oystercatcher's Tale [5 minutes] and The Critters of Morecambe Bay [8 minutes] both filmed here by Peter Croskery. Finally a rack of interpretation leaflets which includes a site map.

The Crater of Dogs made by Andrew and Kathy Kim, survived the winter and are still looking good. Photo Juliet Lehair.

After the gales died down John could put up Spindlevanes on their tall poles. The hare fleeing from the flames still reminds us of environmental emergencies.  

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