The Dead Good Funerals Book

The Dead Good Book of Namings and Baby Welcoming Ceremonies
17th August 2017

The Dead Good Funerals Book

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Challenging, practical and crammed with powerful anecdotes, which will enable you to design a ceremony either for yourself, or for a loved one.

Whatever your faith or belief system there’s something for you here.

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Is Death still a taboo? An unspoken topic?

No-one wants to think about planning a funeral. Most of us are fearful, vulnerable and unprepared because we organise a funeral so infrequently. A painful & confusing task. One of the most important yet difficult things we face at this time of bereavement.

Planning a Funeral that is personal and distinctive

How to avoid being swept along into mock-Victorian funeral arrangements. Experts Sue Gill and John Fox offer a wealth of useful knowledge and creative ideas to create a funeral that is memorable & truthful, legal & dignified. Sheds light on a topic that is difficult and unspoken in our culture.

Cremation or Burial?

The Dead Good Funerals Book offers advice and information on planning a funeral that will be worthy of the person, whether it is for cremation or burial.

Woodland burial – a return to Nature

Links to environmentally friendly coffins and shrouds for Woodland Burial. How to find a green burial site near you.


1 review for The Dead Good Funerals Book

  1. Ms. J. Parish, Desborough, UK

    This is a bold, inspiring and yet very practical book. It seeks to restore control over the care of our dead back to those who love them, and tells you how to do it ……. It offers many snippets about funerals that worked for other people, which can help you decide what will work for you. Importantly, it distinguishes what is customary from what is obligatory, and gives you permission to think outside the box as much, or as little, as you wish. It is thorough, so you can rely on it to prompt you to give consideration to everything you need. If you are arranging a funeral and want it to be a true rite of passage, to be meaningful and uplifting as well as sad, this book is a good place to start . Even if you have only a few days to work with, it is worth getting, if only for the three pages entitled ‘A dozen ways to improve funeral arrangements at very short notice’. I would highly recommend it. Ms. J. Parish, Desborough, UK

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