The Rain Days

Foxy’s Songbook
3rd December 2021

The Rain Days


In late November 2020, I had surgery for rectal cancer. By strange and fortuitous luck, after a routine hospital check-up, I was found to have Covid 19 pneumonia. After remaining in Furness General Hospital, in the Red Covid Zone, for 6 nights from 19th-24th January 2021, I am back, seemingly well mended, rested and fed, especially on NHS jam sponge pudding and custard.

The whole occasion was profound and very moving. I was overwhelmed with the love, care and skill of the incredibly hard-working staff and the generosity of all the patients in Ward 6, who, whatever pain and distress they were in (which was often considerable) continually asked of all us Ward 6 regulars: “Are you alright love?”

For four days it rained and rained without stopping Then it snowed, froze and thawed. I was privileged to have a bed on the top floor next to a panorama window with an extensive view over Barrow in Furness. Here I was given time and space to write a few words.

I hope the poems are fair to all and do justice (whatever that is). For the sake of courtesy, I have changed names.

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