You Never Know

Garden in the Sky
17th August 2017
17th August 2017

You Never Know


A collection of poems for occasions by John Fox
Published June 2011

The belief is that poetry should be a common activity, not some rarified pursuit remote from our workaday lives; the poetic should be everyday, the everyday poetic. The verse is well-crafted and accessible. John Fox continues to be one of the North’s most valuable [if not always most valued] treasures and his passion for a ‘real’ and vibrant culture, as against ersatz mindless pap, sounds a brave if sometimes lonely note.  Peter Mortimer 20th August 2011 THE JOURNAL Newcastle upon Tyne

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‘all manner of wonders discovered on their journey and lovingly brought home.’ I have been an ardent admirer and INSPIRED by John and Sue’s work since the late 60s. So frankly anything from them is a thrill. This lovely book of poems is especially wonderful. It gives a picture of the enchanted life they lead on the beach at Morecambe and fills you with nature and myth and and stories and the honouring thereof and blessed children and grandchildren and animals and all manner of wonders discovered on their journey and lovingly brought home. The book is an essential aid to the inspiration of our souls. If you live in a big city it’s frighteningly easy to let the bright soul fade and for confusion and despair to take over. John and Sue are shamans (and also very funny) and by heavens we need them. There is a beautiful poem called The Ultimate Abode of the Just which is the OU dictionary definition of paradise. Read just that and your soul will come alive. And that’s just for starters. I hope I make it to the Ultimate Abode of the Just. I know the Morecambe Bay shamans will be there (with all their shaman family) stirring up a bonfire, playing accordions, skipping by the sea.’ Patrick Barlow, Chief Executive National Theatre of Brent


”You Never Know” is a rattling recollection of sad tales, firecracker event sand sudden celebratory moments, many of them written as poems for those special occasions-births, deaths, namings, pairings –that John with his wife Sue Gill have marked and made special in their work as masters of secular ceremonies.”
Mick North. New Writing Cumbria

“John Fox, artist and cultural provocateur lives in a wooden Beach House with a turf roof. A statesman-like ‘ engineer of the imagination’ foraging like a magpie for images from Barcelona to B&Q, he creates delicate elegies, rumbustious monologues and political rants.  In YOU NEVER KNOW the legendary former head of Welfare State International paints perceptive and poetic paintings with words regaling us with his notions of the profane and the sacred and celebratory moments. Check out Happy Birthday Hannah and you’ll see what I mean.”
Adrian Mullen. Westmoreland Gazette.


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